Boy, 6, saves family from burning house at 4 a.m. because he was up playing Xbox

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A six-year-old video-game fan saved his family-of-seven from a devastating 4 a.m. house blaze because he was still up playing Xbox.

Little Taylor Hendrix raised the alarm when the fire broke out at his grandparents’ home in Brownsville, Tennessee, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

His grandmother Paula Brown said were it not for his quick reactions, when he spotted smoke seeping into his room from the attic, then the family would not have survived.

She told wmctv.com: “He came in and he was screaming papa, papa the house is on fire. Thank God he was up.

“He’s my little hero. My grandson saved my life. He most certainly did.”

Brown and her husband, meter reader Mike, were asleep in the 100-year-old house — where their five grandchildren were also staying — when the blaze broke out.

In a desperate attempt to save the building, Mike tried to put out the flames using a water hose — but it was too late.

The house was completely destroyed.

He said: “It happened so quick, seven minutes, maybe 10 at the most…it was all done. We’ve lost everything. Everything we own.”


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