Did You Know U.S. Gets Donations from U. Arab Emirates?

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Americans these days have a low opinion or are undecided about the United Arab Emarites (UAE), but they are working to change that. Recently the UAE has been giving the US funding to help rebuild our schools and donating to non-profit organizations in storm-ravaged areas. While the US is the largest foreign aid provider, the UAE is helping to cover what our government won’t.

In 2006 the UAE found that 30% of Americans had a less than favorable view of them and 70% didn’t have an opinion at all. Yousef al Otaiba, the UAE Ambassador to the US, took initiative to help motivate change and stimulate a more favorable view of the UAE in 2008.

In the last two years alone, the UAE has made huge humanitarian donations to tornado and hurricane ravaged areas, built new soccer fields in underprivileged parts of big cities such as New York and LA, given new Mac laptops to 2,200 kids in Joplin, MO after the tornado devastated their town, and spent $5 million to rebuild an intensive care unit at the hospital in Joplin. They also donated $150 million to the Children’s National Medical Center based in Washington, DC.

The UAE is planning on making donations of $5 million to New York and New Jersey to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. They make generous donations to hospitals all over the country. They are currently working on making donations to food banks as well.

Most foreign countries donate money to promote their language and culture here in the US, but the UAE has been concentrating more on disaster relief efforts and helping children in need in underfunded cities. Despite all this great work however, there are still some who have misconceptions about Arabs and Muslims. They feel that this is “blood money” that is being given. The UAE is not giving up however and will continue its efforts in hopes that someday they will be more favorably viewed.



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  1. You cannot condemn an entire people or a set of countries based on what some have done or are doing. The UAE has worked with poor countries and people all over the world and they should be saluted for showing their concern. When someone does something wrong condemn them and when someone does something right salute them. Stop condemning an entire people because of your racism and bigotry.

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