NY Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire touts Christopher Dorner’s crazed manifesto as ‘must-read’ on Twitter

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Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire is touting the crazed manifesto of ex-cop-turned-cop-killer Christopher Dorner as “a must read.”

The hoopster took to Twitter Sunday to reveal his interest was piqued by the 20-page rant Dorner left on his Facebook page, in which he declared war on the Los Angeles Police Department.

“Interesting. This is a must read!!” Stoudemire tweeted and linked to the manifesto Dorner addressed “to America.”

In his deranged decree, Dorner railed against corruption in the LAPD and portrayed himself as a victim of institutional racism, fired for crossing the thin blue line to report a sergeant for brutality.

LAPD officials found Dorner’s charges against the sergeant were bogus, but the case was reopened during the hunt for Dorner.

Stoudemire did not elaborate on his tweet. But many of the hoopster’s nearly 806,000 Twitter followers were taken aback by his reading recommendation.

“Really?! A murderer’s hateful manifesto is worth reading?” wrote one follower.

Dorner shot himself to death Tuesday in a burning mountain cabin near Big Bear, Calif., after cops tracked him down and surrounded the hideout.

During his 10-day Southern California reign of terror, Dorner killed two police officers and the daughter and future son-in-law of a former LIN BADAPD captain.

As the tweet flap bubbled, an online shoot-’em-up video game surfaced Sunday putting gamers in the cop-killer’s shoes.

The game — “Chris Dorner’s Last Stand: A True American Hero” — was posted on the controversy-courting online community called 4chan.

The amateurish game re-creates and exaggerates Dorner’s final hours in a shootout with police and is reminiscent of the popular 1990s computer game “Doom.” The objective is to kill as many cops as possible.

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