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Should Security Guards Be Allowed To Taser Our Children?

by / February 19, 2013 World News one Comments

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taserGunBy Staff Blogger

Everyone knows that preteen and teenage girls can be annoying, but for the most part they are harmless. Even if they become violent, it is not that difficult to restrain them through usual means; it is even less difficult if that is what your job has trained you to do. Recently a school security guard decided that instead of trying to break up a fight between two young girls the old-fashioned way, by restraining them, he decided to use socially less-approved methods. He decided that he should pull out a taser on the children.

Clearly the mothers of these girls are very unhappy. The two girls aged 12 and 13 were in a physical altercation close to Inman Middle School in Northeast Atlanta. It was there that they were confronted by the security guard with the stun gun. The mothers have insisted that such methods were dangerous and excessive. Not only were the children unarmed, but they are first and foremost children. Sheena Lester, mother of 12-year-old Shakya, was especially concerned for her child’s health since she has a heart condition.

Shakya said that she was fighting with another girl when she was struck by the taser. She said the taser felt like ‘this deep shock and it made me shake.’ The officer who stunned the girls is a certified taser instructor. A spokesperson for Atlanta Public Schools (APS) claims that the officer responded to the fight appropriately. The taser was set in “direct stun” mode and the department will be able to review the incident since the taser comes equipped with video and audio technology.



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  1. She has a heart condition but she was in a fist fight? These girls are worse than grown men with their anger and.violence. Check these two girls’ history and then write a follow up.

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