U.S. Prison Industrial Complex Spreads to Haiti?

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haitian prisonBy Darron Smith

The U.S. prison industrial model is heading to Haiti. The U.S. government intends to build two prisons in Haiti in an effort to control severe overcrowding, disease transmission and violence in one of the world’s poorest countries. Even though Haiti is a free market society, which enjoys the advantages of low cost, cheap labor and tariff-free access to the US for many of its exports, poverty, corruption and poor access to education remain a most serious problem in the Caribbean nation.

According to Carl Siebentritt, director of the Narcotics Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy, “Prisons are so overcrowded that detainees are held in temporary holding cells at police stations. By constructing new prisons that are consistent with international human rights standards, the [U.S. State] Department seeks to alleviate this overcrowding and to reduce the spread of disease and violence.”

The prison facilities will be built in each of the coastal towns of Petit Goave and Cabaret. The Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs estimates that the project will cost somewhere between $5million and $10million. Contract bids are due in early March and are part of a larger effort in Haiti to clean up and improve their prison system, which have been described as some the world’s worst. With stark overcrowding and unsanitary conditions, inmates often take turns sleeping at night because of lack of space in the environment.

Dr. John May, a South Florida physician who co-founded a nonprofit that seeks to improve health conditions in prisons worldwide, made a medical trip last fall to the police station in Petit Goave where he witnessed 128 inmates locked up in a holding cell with no beds or running water. Many of the convicted suffered from scabies, malnutrition, mental illness and high blood pressure. “I’m very grateful some assistance is being delivered to the prison program,” May said. “Prisoners are often forgotten.”



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  1. This is modern day slavery. Smh it says it right there bidding will take place in March.

  2. So sad the people are in need and instead of investing that 10 million there no they rather build prisons. The reason is because prisons are bib business prisons are traded on the stock market and that is the reason they want to do so. Furthermore the people of Haiti are from the tribe of Levi so of course they want to kill them and keep them in their condition. Levi get back to the most high put the object of cruelty down and ready yourselves for Jacobs trouble the tribulation and judgment rages on.

  3. We cant help them with food and running water…,but good ole’ money hungry US to the A can build some prisons for the prisoners. God help us all!

  4. […] The U.S. prison industrial model is heading to Haiti. The U.S. government intends to build two prisons in Haiti in an effort to control severe overcrowding, disease transmission and violence in one of the world’s poorest countries.  Read more at the 360 Experiment. […]

  5. Now is the time for my Haitian Brothers and Sisters– to stop acting like they arrived in the good ole US of A – and put some pressure on the
    Government of the good ole US of A.
    I live in a highly populated Haitian community– I see the first and second new generation of Haitians who have adopted the ways of the American consumption– and lack of style— they too are running around with blonde hair (women)– and the Brothers paints hanging off their bottoms. Emulating all the wrong ways of the LOST BLACK FOLK in America– instead of aliening themselves with the American Black Folk who are fighting against the inequalities in our communities. That said– if one see a trend of prison slavery about to happen– do something about it NOW.

    The New form of slavery will continue as it is across the board.

    • it is true about prison overcrowding and also true about prison slavery. If it happens in the US then it will happen in Haiti. Corruption will fill those prisons up just like in the US. The prison population will rise to fill all available space.

  6. Haiti will always be doom useless the people improve themselves their the only former colony to physical take their independence so they will never really help the country

  7. The Haitian government needs to open it’s eyes and look at the U.S. The U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration of any country in the world – 2.3 million people in prison and that does not count those on parole and probation. The U.S. incarcerates more women than any country in the world. While 13% of the population are African American men, 40% of those incarcerated are African American men. Haiti wake up! The Prison Industrial Complex is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. Private prison companies are cleaning up and delivering horrible service. Poor training for prison guards, unsafe conditions for inmates, poor health care, increased violence. You really don’t want the U.S. to start building prisons in Haiti. This is probably happening because of the widespread outcry for prison reform and a press to find alternative ways of dealing with those who have committed some crime (real or unreal). This is the new form of slavery and it has been sanctioned by people in high places in government. Don’t let this happen to Haiti. If the U.S. wants to help, they should be rebuilding houses, schools, hospitals, making honest work available for people, cleaning up the water supply. Haiti, don’t let this happen to your people.

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