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March 9, 2013

France wants more dads to take time off for babies

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PARIS — French President Francois Hollande wants more dads to stay home with their babies and more moms to get back to work faster. On Friday, International Women’s Day, Hollande, a never-married father of four, proposed legislation to encourage more men to take long-term paternity leave. The Socialist leader has made a point of promoting women’s rights since his election last year, naming an equal rights minister and ensuring that…

Girl Scouts help nab thief outside Tennessee Walmart

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    Thanks to the girls paying close attention, cops caught the man, now charged with shoplifting, fleeing, and two counts of assault. These girls deserve a badge. Four members of Girl Scouts Troop 20057 in Tennessee helped police catch a thief after the man bolted past their cookie sale outside a Walmart in Knoxville. The four girls were selling their popular cookies outside the store on Sunday when a…