10 Transgender Students Get Their Own Bathroom at Oregon School

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bathroom-signsBy Staff Blogger

In a stepping stone towards inclusion,  an Oregon high school has created a unisex bathroom for its ten transgendered students. Grant High School in Portland, Oregon has become the talk of many due to its creation of the bathrooms. Four of the student bathrooms and two of the faculty bathrooms are now gender-neutral.

Scott Morrison, one of the ten transgendered students at the school, applauded the school’s decision. Scott felt so uncomfortable going into the bathrooms at school that he would stop drinking water during the day so that he wouldn’t have to go. Grant High School is the first in Portland and one of the first in the country to make this move. It only cost around $500 to get the new signs and put new locks on the doors.

Kristyn Westphal, the Vice Principal stated that the school felt that all of their students need to be in a safe and comfortable environment and this was at least one way that they could help with that.

Oregon is a state that has been at the front of the gender equality battle. In 2007 the lawmakers in the state passed the Oregon Equality Act which protects gay, transgendered, lesbian, and bis*xual people from discrimination.

For the most part, the new bathrooms have been applauded by those in the community, however there are some who have reservations. They are not sure about opening the door to unis-x bathrooms in all places. Michael Silverman from the Transgender Legal Defense simply states that this is not the perfect solution for every student but does help those who are feeling uncomfortable in the regular bathrooms to get a little more privacy for themselves.



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