Airport Sign Falls Onto a Mother and Her Sons, Killing One of the Boys

by / March 25, 2013 World News 2 Comments

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A woman and her two sons were sent to the hospital after a sign fell on them at the airport.  In Alabama, Heather Bresette was walking with her sons when the electronic board listing the flights fell suddenly.  The woman was left with broken ankles and a crushed pelvis.

The board weighed 300 pounds and fell at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport.  The woman has had multiple surgeries and is getting better. But she remains unconscious and doesn’t know that her son has died.

The family of seven was on a week long vacation in Florida at the time of the accident.  They were on their way home to Overland Park, Kansas when the incident took place.

“She does not know that her baby is dead,” the family’s priest, the Rev. Don Farnan, said.

Luke Bresette, the middle of the five children, is the one who died.  His 5-year old brother Tyler has a concussion and their 8-year old brother Sam has a broken leg and nose.   Their father was there when the accident took place, but was left unharmed.  It took six people to lift the sign off the family when it fell.

Brasfield & Gorrie Global Services Group has been overseeing the reconstruction of the airport and were responsible for building the faulty sign.  They released a statement shortly thereafter.

“This is a terrible tragedy that none of us fully understand, and we hope that the family who lost their loved one will find strength through prayer and the support of all of us,” the statement said.




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