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Fearless 9-year-old girl walks a mile in California darkness to seek help for her dad after car accident

by / March 25, 2013 World News one Comments

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Now that’s brave.

Officials are praising a 9-year-old girl for her courage after she walked more than a mile in treacherous terrain to get help for her father when their car careened off a road in California early Sunday morning.

The child’s dad ultimately died in the accident. Authorities say he lost control of his SUV after midnight, sending the car tumbling 200 feet down a ravine in Acton, Calif.


The gutsy girl emerged from the wreckage and trekked about a mile to a home to find help.

“She walked quite a distance in a very, very threatening environment,” Sgt. Tom Lackey of the California Highway Patrol told KABC-TV. “It’s very black out here, very dark.”

When she realized no one was at the home, she returned to check on her father, who remained unconscious. She then set off in a different direction down the ravine and eventually arrived at a train station about a mile away, where she found a passerby who notified police.

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