“I knew it was my brother as soon as I saw the picture’: Touching family reunion for Homeless man who returned diamond ring

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Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man who garnered national attention for returning a woman’s diamond and platinum ring, reunited with his sister, left, on Sunday after 16 years apart.

A homeless man who made headlines for returning a diamond and platinum engagement ring to a woman who accidentally dropped it in his beggar’s cup has finally reunited with his long-lost family face-to-face.

“I never would’ve thought this,” Billy Ray Harris of Kansas City, Mo., said during a joyous reunion with his siblings on the “Today” show on Sunday. “This was a total shock.”

Harris, 55, hadn’t seen his relatives in nearly 16 years when he committed his life-changing good deed.

“I’d been worried sick about my family since the last time I saw them,” Harris told TODAY.com. “I totally lost contact with them back in the 90’s…I was kind of down in the dumps, and on the verge of giving up.”



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  1. there’s lots o honest people stl out here. e/lve to hear good news

  2. GOD KNOWS WHEN to come and in .

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