State Rep. Found Dead with a Gunshot Wound to the Head

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Mississippi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw (R-Diamondhead) was found dead on Sunday, according to the Clarion-Ledger.  By the statements of Simpson County Sheriff Kenneth Lewis, the 53-year old woman died from a gunshot wound to the head.   Police are saying that she probably killed herself.

“It appeared to be self-inflicted,” Lewis told WLBT-TV.

No additional information has been released regarding how the woman died.  She was found in the home of former state Rep. Clint Rotenberry in Mendenhall, Mississippi.  There have been no arrests made in her death.

“I have known Jessica for many years as an unselfish and dedicated public servant,” Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said in a statement. “This is a tragic loss for her family and all Mississippians, and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this difficult time.”

The senator had served in the state legislature since 2004. There has not been a motive released regarding why she may have committed suicide.



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  1. Sounds funny why would she be found at another’s person home instead of her own home,were they a couple.?

    Where was he when she supposedly shot herself. We are not getting the full story.

  2. Another one bites the dust.

  3. This is a very strange twist of fate. Why was she at this man’s house! Were they lovers! I hope that there is more on this story. It seems very strange.

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