Teen Attacked By Beliebers After Justin Bieber Re-tweeted Her Post

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Justin-Bieber-SpeaksBy Staff Blogger

Justin Bieber fans are known for being aggressive and loyal to the celeb, but they have definitely taken it too far this time. A 15-year-old girl posted a very nice review for Bieber’s album, Believe Acoustic,  and since then, young Courtney Barrasford has been facing an unbelievable amount of cyber bullying.

Barrasford posted “Not really a fan of Justin Bieber but his acoustic album is actually good!” on Twitter and was surprised to discover that Bieber enjoyed the post so much that he reposted it. Since then Beliebers have been tweeting hateful messages to the teen. Hurt and rejected fans of Bieber lashed out at the teen. One fan even posted “Just tell her to die and leave Justin alone.”

Barrasford kind of just fell into this mess. To better explain things she posted, ‘I came back from a drama class where everyone had been going on about how good Justin Bieber’s acoustic album was. So I went on to YouTube to listen to it and then put my comment up. About ten minutes later my friend sent me a message to say she had noticed something on Twitter. It wasn’t too bad at first. But then it started to get worse as more people found out. I had things like “you’re not a fan, go kill yourself”. So far things hadn’t got to me. But then they started saying I was pregnant with his child, and that my child would be a prostitute.’

So far it seems that Bieber hasn’t spoken up in defense of the young girl who was cyber attacked for liking his music, nor does he seem to be trying to reign in his fan club.



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