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April 8, 2013

Even Barbara Walters Supports Obama on CA Attorney General Controversy

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By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses I just watched a short segment on the popular ABC daytime show “The View”, in which the panel of women discussed the controversy surrounding President Obama’s comments about California Attorney General, Kamala Harris. The President got very negative feedback after he called Harris “the best-looking Attorney General”. When the topic was brought up on “The View”, the first person on the panel to respond was Whoopie Golderberg…

EXCLUSIVE: Missing cab driver found in Jamaica Hospital bed days after cracked skull, memory loss

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    A seriously injured livery car driver lay in a Queens hospital for nearly a week before his family — who feared he was dead — finally was notified of his whereabouts, the Daily News has learned. An ambulance took Israel Nunez to Jamaica Hospital at 3 a.m. on March 29, after he was found sitting on a curb with a cracked skull — apparently the victim of a…

Sex education banned in public school buildings owned by Catholic Church

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      Thou shalt not teach public school students sex education — or give them lessons on HIV and AIDS — in classrooms owned by the Catholic Church. As a result of a longstanding but little-known agreement between church and city officials, dozens of city schools that lease church-owned buildings must take students off site for sex education. The unusual arrangement rankles some parents and students who believe students…

Girl Commits Suicide, Saying She Was Bullied to Death

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A girl was found hanging from a tree, killing herself before heading to middle school.  The 14-year old left a note asking  “Why did I deserve this pain?” The death of Angel Green has been a rallying cry for anyone concerned with the impact that bullying has on America’s children.  The girl hanged herself a bus stop in West Lafayette, Indiana, and has motivated lawmakers to push forth anti-bullying legislation…

Dozens of Children in Hospital After School Bus Driver May Have Run a Red Light, Flipping Bus Over

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Someone died and dozens of kids were sent to the hospital after a school bus overturned in Illinois.   There were 35 people on the bus, all of whom survived, and some are saying that the driver may have run a red light.  The bus driver is under investigation for what could have been a serious error, likely leading to termination and/or criminal charges being filed by police. “The bus…

Close Friend of Lanza Family Says Sandy Hook Might Have Been Revenge for Bullying

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A friend of the family of Adam Lanza, the young man believed to be responsible for the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, may have been seeking revenge for bullying.  A friend of the family states that she believes that Lanza had been harboring anger toward the school for years after spending a great deal of time being bullied there. “I think Adam felt betrayed by the school…

What Would Chris Brown Look Like with No Teeth?

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The New York Daily News, in a bit of fun for itself, decided to publish a list of celebs and what they would look like if they had no teeth.  We thought the list was hilarious and only brought these pictures to you so you could get a good laugh.  Do you think that Rihanna would be chasing after Chris if he had no teeth?  Which image is funnier? The…

Columbia Student Passes Away Mysteriously In University Dorm

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By Staff Blogger Last weekend 21-year-old Jessica Fingers was found dead in a Columbia University dorm. Fingers, who was taking a year off from college, was visiting her boyfriend and a friend at the university when she passed. She was discovered face up in East Campus dorm and was unresponsive on the floor, on Sunday morning. The university’s blog site, BWOG, released the statement from the university’s Dean of Student Affairs…