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April 21, 2013

Reese Witherspoon and Her Husband are Both Arrested

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Actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim were arrested in Atlanta on Saturday night after they’d both been out drinking.  Reese was the passenger in the car and found herself frustrated that her hubby was being handled by the cops.  As a result, she continued to get irate with officers.  At one point, Reese even pulled her celebrity card, allegedly asking the officer “Do you know my name?” The officer…

Florida Couple Makes $90,000 in Six Months Stealing Baby Formula

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Low on cash? Florida’s here to help you out with one of its signature, foolproof money-making schemes: stealing baby formula. The Sun Sentinel reports the fall of baby formula’s Bonnie and Clyde, Sonya Barbour and Glen Martin. Date night for the couple meant a jaunt to a Palm Springs Walmart, where they attempted to run off with two dozen cans of formula. On Thursday morning, Barbour, 32, and her fiance…

Fertilizer Plant Had More Than 1,000 Times The Amount of Explosives It Should Have

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The West, Texas fertilizer plant that exploded on Wednesday, killing dozens, was only supposed to have had less than 400 lbs of explosive ammonium nitrate — instead, it had 270 tons of the substance. 400 lbs is the threshold where the plant would have had to inform the Department of Homeland Security about the amount of explosives it had. Unfortunately, DHS didn’t even know the plant existed. “This facility was…

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Grandmother Says She’s Her “Little TV Hoe”

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s grandmother has quite the opinion of the sexy star’s role in “The Client List.” “She calls me her ‘little TV ho’ and she thinks that’s really funny,” Hewitt revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday, when asked if her grandmother tuned into her Lifetime hit. “She likes it,” the actress, who was sitting alongside actor Matthew Perry, said. “She ignores the parts that she doesn’t like and…

ANOTHER RAPE HORROR IN INDIA: Police arrest man accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting 5-year-old and holding her captive for a harrowing 40 hours

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    Hundreds of angry protesters gathered outside the headquarters of Delhi police on Saturday after a five year-old girl was allegedly raped and tortured, reviving memories of a brutal December assault on a woman that shook the country. Police arrested a man they accuse of the attack from the eastern state of Bihar, and he was being brought to Delhi for interrogation. Doctors say the girl suffered severe injuries…

In wake of tragedies like Boston Marathon bombing, entertainment and sports help us heal together

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    The Boston Symphony Orchestra canceled its scheduled concert Monday night. The Boston Bruins canceled their hockey game with the Ottawa Senators. Tuesday night, the Boston Celtics canceled their basketball game with the Indiana Pacers. That’s what we do when we’re stunned by something as unfathomable as Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing. Potential security concerns aside, sports and entertainment just suddenly don’t seem so important. Which, while we’re still reeling…

Gun Shots Disrupts Denver’s Annual Marijuana Celebration

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Gunfire erupted at a Denver park Saturday, injuring two people and sending tens of thousands gathered for an annual pot celebration fleeing the area, police said. A crowd of marijuana smokers expected to swell to 80,000 had gathered at the park to mark the counterculture holiday known as 4/20 on the first celebration since Colorado and Washington made pot legal for recreational use. The shooting happened at about 5 p.m….