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Airline forced black passengers to take off jeans, hoodies before boarding first class, but let white passenger dressed identically on plane, lawsuit claims

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Two African-American passengers are claiming a U.S. Airways airline employee refused to let them into first class unless they changed out of their hoodies and jeans.

Miles and MacCraig Warren were flying home from Denver to Los Angeles after a relative’s funeral last August. The brothers say an airline employee stopped them at the gate, asking MacCraig to remove his baseball cap and telling Miles to change into a button-up shirt, nicer shoes and slacks.


“They were told that this was the policy if you wanted to ride in first class,” lawyer Rodney Diggs told the New York Daily News.

Not wanting any trouble, the brothers decided to follow the dress code. But once onboard the flight, they were shocked to see Michael Heffernan, a white passenger, and Edward DeLeon, his Filipino friend, wearing the same clothing the black men weren’t allowed to wear–jeans and hoodies.


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