Close Friend of Lanza Family Says Sandy Hook Might Have Been Revenge for Bullying

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A friend of the family of Adam Lanza, the young man believed to be responsible for the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, may have been seeking revenge for bullying.  A friend of the family states that she believes that Lanza had been harboring anger toward the school for years after spending a great deal of time being bullied there.

“I think Adam felt betrayed by the school and this was his act of revenge,” said Marvin LaFontaine, a friend of Adam’s mother, Nancy.

“Nancy told me he was being picked on at school. That they were just torturing him.”

To date, police have no idea why Adam went on his rampage, so these may be some of the clues that they are seeking.   Lanza went to the school and murdered 20 children and six adults before killing himself.  The shooting has increased the amount of discussion around gun control and how to protect young children from the excessive number of weapons made easily available in our society.
A witness said that when it came to Adam Lanza, the school “was his life.”
“Adam was an easy target. He was quiet and he would never fight back,” LaFontaine said.
Adam’s mother was so angered by the bullying that she would show up and protect her son from the other children.
“She was so upset that the teachers weren’t protecting him from the bullies that she went with him like a bodyguard,” said LaFontaine, who was also Lanza’s Cub Scout leader when he was a young boy.




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  1. What??? Because he was bullied there when he was younger so he goes back and shoots innocent children that never did anything to him? That’s just stupid. A sad excuse for trying to reason his and his mother’s ignorance. And if his mother went as his bodyguard to protect him, then why did he take her dumb self out first??? Hmmmm… ask the dumb friend that one and see what he comes up with.

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