Dozens of Children in Hospital After School Bus Driver May Have Run a Red Light, Flipping Bus Over

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Someone died and dozens of kids were sent to the hospital after a school bus overturned in Illinois.   There were 35 people on the bus, all of whom survived, and some are saying that the driver may have run a red light.  The bus driver is under investigation for what could have been a serious error, likely leading to termination and/or criminal charges being filed by police.

“The bus … struck the vehicle, essentially close to a T-bone on the passenger section of the Jeep Wrangler,” Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said. The bus lay on its side with the two wrecked cars nearby, including the remains of a flattened yellow Jeep Wrangler, its front roll bar completely removed and the hood flattened and squashed into the two front seats. Debris was scattered in adjacent farm fields.

Authorities are saying that one male died, but they aren’t saying who it was.   There are also two children in fair-to-serious condition at a local hospital.   The children were able to escape through the back exit of the bus.

“Some of the kids were upbeat, jovial as if they just got off a ride at Great America,” Lake County Sheriff Chief Brian Keller said. “Other kids were asking for their mother or father and wanted to go home.”




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