EXCLUSIVE: Missing cab driver found in Jamaica Hospital bed days after cracked skull, memory loss

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A seriously injured livery car driver lay in a Queens hospital for nearly a week before his family — who feared he was dead — finally was notified of his whereabouts, the Daily News has learned.

An ambulance took Israel Nunez to Jamaica Hospital at 3 a.m. on March 29, after he was found sitting on a curb with a cracked skull — apparently the victim of a brutal assault. He still has no idea what happened.

Nunez’s wife, Claudia Leal, didn’t find out where he was until Wednesday, when a hospital social worker called and said Nunez had been admitted to the hospital six days earlier and was recovering from surgery.

“It’s outrageous,” Leal said. “We called Jamaica Hospital. They said they had nobody by even his last name. I went in person . . . with the flyer the police made. It has his picture on it. They saw the photo and said he wasn’t there.”

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