Girl Commits Suicide, Saying She Was Bullied to Death

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A girl was found hanging from a tree, killing herself before heading to middle school.  The 14-year old left a note asking  “Why did I deserve this pain?”

The death of Angel Green has been a rallying cry for anyone concerned with the impact that bullying has on America’s children.  The girl hanged herself a bus stop in West Lafayette, Indiana, and has motivated lawmakers to push forth anti-bullying legislation to keep this from happening again.

Angel’s mother Danielle Green is fighting to have her daughter’s memory help as many young kids as possible.   Her mother is haunted by what her daughter wrote on her note before her death.  Her daughter’s suicide note was left next to her mom’s bed.

“Have you ever thought about what you said to me? huh… maybe not! because you killed me everyday,” the girl wrote.

“P.S.,” the note ends, “it’s bullying that killed me. Please get justice.”

The family is seeking passage of House Bill 1423, making schools accountable for bullying and finding ways to stop it.   They have to report these incidents and look for protection for kids who are being affected.  Also, the bill calls for teachers to be trained on how to identify and stop bullying when they see it.   The bill has passed in the house and is set for a vote in the Senate.

“I want the schools to have more training and I want the kids and everybody to have support and resources for how to handle it,” Green said

The young girl, who was not strong enough to withstand the peer pressure she was facing and didn’t seem to have anyone to talk to, wrote about how the nasty words from her friends affected her psyche. She also appears to have had trouble coping with her environment, meaning that she probably needed some psychological help.

“You told me so much that I started believing it,” she wrote. “And I was stupid for doing that. Every morning, day, night I look in the mirror and cry, and replay the harmful words in my head.”



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