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Panhandler Angry that Man Won’t Give Money, so He Sets the Man on Fire

by / April 15, 2013 World News 4 Comments

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A man was set on fire in California for refusing to give money to a panhandler.  The 63-year old victim was asked for money in Long Beach this weekend, and rejected the 37-year old’s request for funds.   The man waited outside and when the other man came out of the store, the panhandler doused him with gasoline and set him on fire.

The man was inside his car when the incident took place, but the perpetrator poured the flammable liquid through a window. Before long, the entire truck was covered in flames.

“With the door open you could see the entire insides were ablaze,” an eyewitness told “Good Morning America.” “He came out and he was horrifying. His entire shirt was on fire, his head was on fire.”

The man who was attacked has suffered third degree burns and is in critical condition.  The perpetrator has been charged with arson and attempted murder.   Police say that the situation was a random act of violence.

“It’s a horrific crime to think that somebody’s, really no motive, just sitting there, minding their own business and then to be lit on fire,” Long Beach Police Sgt. Aaron Eaton told KABC.

People said that they’d seen the man begging in the neighborhood before, but never thought he was capable of doing such a horrible thing.



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4 Comment

  1. This is why one must always be aware of riff raff, they will always give you indications of intent. High conflict individuals are roaming the earth looking for victims, please don’t get caught sleeping in the middle of the day, or you may be permanently put to sleep.

  2. That is a shame we yhe people.

  3. I feel horrible for this man who was burned too, but I am also grateful that I am not homeless person. Many people homeless have a severe mental illness and studies show kindness and empathy help way more than jail time. He needs professional help! Homeless many times are victims of abuse and hate too! It’s all insane and wrong! I myself would not want to be in prison.

  4. This is just horrible. But there’s not enough help done for people with mental illness. You can look at the guy who set the fire and tell something isn’t all there. I hope the victim makes a full recovery.

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