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Two Dead at Boston Marathon Explosions

by / April 15, 2013 World News No Comments

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It is now being reported that there were two people killed in the explosions that hit the Boston Marathon this afternoon.   The series of explosions occurred near the finish line and caused dozens of additional injuries.  The explosions occurred near the Boston Library as well and the city is in a state of shock over the incident.

At first, there were two blasts reported, and now there is at least a third being reported in media.   Police were aware of the third device before it detonated, according to media reports.

There were thousands of runners who had yet to finish the men’s race before the explosions took place, and many of the injured were also competing in the event.   Police say that they don’t yet know if the explosions were related to terrorism or not.

A senior US government official says that the Boston Police and FBI had received no reports of threats before the incident took place.   Currently, authorities are helping injured runners get off the street, and taking care of the wounded in a medical tent.

The Boston Marathon attracts 500,000 spectators every year, and is one of the biggest events in the northeast.

The event is hosted by several cities in Greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts. It is always held onPatriots’ Day, the third Monday of April.  The event began in 1897 and is the oldest annual marathon in the world.  It is also considered one of the world’s six major marathons.




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