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May 7, 2013

Teen’s Suspicious Death Draws Public Scrutiny of Local Cover-Up

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A story about a dead 17-year old boy in Georgia is now gaining momentum on the Internet.  According to an independent iReport, Kendrick Johnson was found dead after being rolled up in a mat at his local high school.   The story says that local authorities are ruling the boy’s death to be an accident, but that doesn’t add up for the family.  In spite of starting off as a…

3 Ohio Girls Missing For Over a Decade Found Alive

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It’s hard to imagine going missing for over a decade and then finally working your way to freedom.  This is the story of three young women in Ohio, and it’s capturing the attention of the entire country.  A 52-year old man is going to be charged for the crimes, but these women can never get their lives back.  Kidnapped as teens while walking home fro school, this is a wake…

Beyonce Says She Was Shocked by Criticism of her Trip to Cuba

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Beyonce says that she didn’t understand why people were so critical of her trip to Cuba with husband Jay-Z.  The two were seeking to have some fun in the sun, only to find that there was a mess of controversy waiting for her back in the states.  She did’t mean any harm and took to “Good Morning America” to explain it all away. “It was such a beautiful trip. I…

Limo That Burst Into Flames K!lling Bride, Bridesmaids In California Was Carrying Too Many Passengers.

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By Staff Blogger According to the California Highway Patrol, the tragedy on the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge, crossing California’s San Francisco Bay, involving a limousine that burst into flames, was carrying too many passengers. Captain Mike Maskarich of the California Highway Patrol said at a news conference that the limousine, a Lincoln Town Car, which was registered by the Public Utilities Commission, was only authorized to carry eight passengers but was,…