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May 13, 2013

Got a Hungry Dog? There’s A New Food Stamp Program for Pets

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Times are tough, no doubt about that.  But it seems that people have just now realized that poverty also trickles down to pets.  So, a non-profit Pet Food Stamps program is seeking to help fill in the gap for low-income families that might be struggling.   The group that started the program says that the reason pets need food stamps is because a lot of families are abandoning their pets…

Woman Gets Praise for Having Raised 60 Children

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Joyce Dumont, 77 years old, is a native of the  Chippewa tribe.   She is also an angel to dozens of children she has raised over the years, including 69 kid:  six through childbirth, five stepchildren, 11 who were adopted, several dozen foster children and others who came to her home and had nowhere to go. She is getting the kind of Mother’s Day recognition that would normally be reserved…