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May 27, 2013

Teacher in Trouble for Telling Students They Could Plead the Fifth on School Survey

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A teacher at Batavia High School in Illinois is in trouble for telling his students their constitutional rights before they took a survey.  The teacher faces disciplinary action for telling students that they have the right to plead the fifth before taking an exam.  Since his remarks got him into trouble, the teacher has been the beneficiary of petitions and Facebook posts backing him during the turmoil the incident has…

So Sad: Angelina Jolie’s Aunt Dies of Stage Four Breast Cancer

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  Sometimes we think that celebrities don’t have problems like the rest of us.  But their problems are real, and sometimes, they have to hide their pain in the public eye.  It’s difficult enough to deal with grief without having photographers in your face all the time, but that’s what they learn to deal with. Angelina Jolie is the latest to endure the tragedy of breast cancer after losing her…

Ben Affleck gets honorary doctorate from Brown University

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  Ben Affleck is a great actor and filmmaker.   He probably does deserve an honorary degree, since he has accomplished so much.    Affleck received the doctor of Fine Arts Degree, and recently starred in a film that did pretty well, at least according to critics.  Congratulations Mr. Affleck.  Academy Award-winning actor and director Ben Affleck has received one of six honorary doctorate degrees from Brown University. Affleck was…

Oregon Teen Charged with Attempted Aggravated Murder After Planning to Bomb His School

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By Staff Blogger Oregon teen, Grant Acord, is being held in custody in connection with a plan to bomb West Albany High School, Portland, Oregon. The 17 year old was arrested after police received a tip about his plans last Thursday. Apparently the idea for the bombing came from the Columbine High School massacre of April 1999, in Colorado. In the Columbine High School massacre, 12 students and one teacher…