Businesswoman: J-Lo to Open Chain of Cellphone Stores

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Jennifer Lopez isn’t just rich and famous, she’s also proudly Latina.  This opens her up for a huge number of financial opportunities for a growing market of consumers who want to buy good products.  Cellphones are a good start, and we hope that she continues to sell things that are good for her community and doesn’t get into tacky things, like liquor and payday loans. 

She is going to start off with 15 cellphone stores, and it looks like she’s going to take this one global.  Good for JLo. 

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez announced today that she’s opening a chain of 15 cellphone stores targeting Latinos under the brand Viva Movil, an authorized Verizon reseller

The first store, which will sell the same phones and plans as Verizon, will open in New York on June 15, with others soon to follow in Los Angeles and Miami.

The stores will have bilingual staff and provide a “culturally relevant shopping experience,” Viva Movil said.

“Latinos need a place to go and they need to be catered to because it is such a growing, growing demographic and market and people want to capture that, and they deserve to be catered to,” Lopez said in an interview with the Associated Press.





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