San Antonio Spurs’ Player Gets Sent Away From a Memphis Restaurant

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Sometimes, when you play good basketball, you get punished for it.  Maybe it was because the Spurs are kicking the Memphis Grizzlies in the butt, but Tony Parker was denied the chance to sit in at a local restaurant in Memphis the other night.  The streets are buzzing about it, but the restaurant says that the denial had nothing to do with the playoffs. 

The Houston Chronicle says that it all went down because Parker didn’t have a reservation, and the owner didn’t want to play favorites. It could also be because he didn’t want a firestorm from customers bothering the poor guy because he was the enemy.  Either way, he wasn’t eating that night. 

The incident quickly went viral in Memphis, prompting the restaurant to put up a statement on their website, saying in part, “Due to the size of our restaurant, there is currently a two week delay for a weekend reservation … We would not cancel a reservation that a guest made — and waited two weeks for — in order to make room for someone else without a reservation — celebrity or not.”

They did add at the end, “We are proud to be a part of Grizz nation and are excited to cheer on our team tonight.”

Seems like Zach Randolph would have gotten a table no problem.

via Tony Parker — Denied Table at Memphis Restaurant | TMZ.com.



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