3 Ohio Girls Missing For Over a Decade Found Alive

by / May 7, 2013 World News 5 Comments

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It’s hard to imagine going missing for over a decade and then finally working your way to freedom.  This is the story of three young women in Ohio, and it’s capturing the attention of the entire country.  A 52-year old man is going to be charged for the crimes, but these women can never get their lives back.  Kidnapped as teens while walking home fro school, this is a wake up call to anyone who thinks that their kids are always safe.  Be careful out there.

Amanda Berry disappeared at the age of 16 on April, 21, 2003; Gina DeJesus disappeared almost a one year later at the age of 14 walking home from school. Initial reports claimed that the third woman, Michele Knight disappeared in 1990, but later reports claim that she went missing in 2002 at the age of 20.

Ariel Castro, identified by locals as a former bus driver, has been arrested.

Charles Ramsey was passing by when he noticed a woman trying to escape the home, who said, “My name is Amanda Berry, please help me out of this house.”





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  1. Give that bus driver life.

  2. It was Time for these Girls to come Home. They Will need Therapy for the Lost Years & what They went through. They can Never have that Time back. And the One that Her Mom passed, She will have to Grieve for Her, Their Lost ChildHood because of those 3 Nasty, Filthy Dirty animals.
    Why is there No Photo of Michele Knight ? She may be older, but Her Life was badly Demanded TOO & Her Loved Ones have Suffered also

    • Wow! Michelle Knight had such a troubled life and her mom is a real slime ball. Nobody cared enough about this girl to really look for her and she apparently suffered the most at the hands of this pervert.

      I am so glad God gave Amanda the strength to get free, I believe she saw some abuse with her minor daughter and this is what prompted her to break free.

      I hope Castro gets life in prison so he can suffer daily at the hands of the inmates, he will learn what torture is and he will never get out.

  3. Please be vigilant when you have children. My parents taught me to be courteous to neighbors and adults but not to trust them. We were not allowed to accept rides from neighbors, go into neighbors homes without our parents etc. It is to bad these girls trusted this man to get into his car…so sad. Hang this piece of filth!
    God Bless Amanda Berry!

  4. God is STILL n the Blessing Business.

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