Limo That Burst Into Flames K!lling Bride, Bridesmaids In California Was Carrying Too Many Passengers.

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Limo fireBy Staff Blogger

According to the California Highway Patrol, the tragedy on the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge, crossing California’s San Francisco Bay, involving a limousine that burst into flames, was carrying too many passengers.

Captain Mike Maskarich of the California Highway Patrol said at a news conference that the limousine, a Lincoln Town Car, which was registered by the Public Utilities Commission, was only authorized to carry eight passengers but was, in fact, carrying nine.

Maskarich said that an ongoing investigation as to why the limo erupted into flames would include these regulations, along with other information such as the limo’s service records, but he refused to say anything further as to what might have caused the tragedy.

Maskarich went on to say that, interviews with the driver of the vehicle and surviving passengers was still ongoing. He continued that they would also try to find out if there were any manufacturing problems with this particular model of limousine.

The passengers of the limousine were celebrating a bridal shower for one of the occupants of the vehicle, who is from the Philippines and planned to return there to get married next month. The bride and four others were killed in the fire and the other four were injured, they were all nurses who came to the U.S. from the Philippines.

The names of the deceased have been withheld until dental X-rays, provided by the families of the victims, have been reviewed by San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault.

Foucrault expects to release the names of the victims next Monday or Tuesday. However, Foucrault said that the toxicology reports might take weeks to complete but the usual cause of death in these circumstances was due to smoke inhalation.

Foulcrault went on to say that the victims were basically piled on top of one another behind a partition that separated the driver from the occupants. He continued that this shows that the victims were trying to get out away from the fire.

Apparently the driver of the limousine, Orville Brown, was notified by the women occupants that smoke was coming from the back of the vehicle. However, when the driver stopped to examine the vehicle he noticed it was engulfed in flames, said Foucrault.

One of the passengers got out by squeezing between the partition behind the driver and the other three used the rear passenger door. Although the driver was not injured in the fire, he was “pretty distraught” said Foucrault.



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