Oregon Teen Charged with Attempted Aggravated Murder After Planning to Bomb His School

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GRANT-ACORDBy Staff Blogger

Oregon teen, Grant Acord, is being held in custody in connection with a plan to bomb West Albany High School, Portland, Oregon.

The 17 year old was arrested after police received a tip about his plans last Thursday.

Apparently the idea for the bombing came from the Columbine High School massacre of April 1999, in Colorado. In the Columbine High School massacre, 12 students and one teacher were murdered and another 21 students injured. The massacre also included the planting of bombs but this was never carried out.

According to prosecutors, Acord, will be charged with attempted aggravated murder and he also faces six counts of manufacturing and possessing a destructive device.

Benton County District Attorney, John Haroldson said that police found six b0mbs hidden in a concealed compartment along with detailed plans for the attack, in his room. No b0mbs were found in his high school though.

B0mb investigators found pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, a Drano b0mb and a napalm b0mb in Acord’s room, according to Haroldson

No details were given as to the specific timing of the planned attack but Haroldson said there were indications that it could have happened at any time and possibly soon.

Although there are no recorded details that show that Acord was having problems at his school, Haroldson said “In any case that you have a young person that in essence plans to take a video game approach to killing people at school, you have to take a close look at the mental health issues.”

Acord’s parents were not able to be reached for comment and no details of who would represent him in court are as yet available.

Haroldson said that they have been very lucky to have intervened before Acord could carry out his plans and he says that he shudders to think what could have happened had Acord not been discovered.

Accord will likely be arraigned this week in Benton County Circuit Court.




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  1. What is wrong with these White kids? What type of upbringing do they have? They are always trying to take out a bunch of innocent people. If you don’t like someone your beef is with that person, try and talk it out or go to someone you respect and talk about it but don’t kill people that have done you no harm. These guns and bombs are found in the children’s homes, do the parents never enter their child’s room? If I am feeding, clothing, providing them water, heat and air, they don’t have any privacy regardless of their age. You either want to be a parent or you don’t and if you don’t, keep your damn legs closed!

    • the questioned also is whats wrong with black kids to they killing each other flying bullets killing inocent babies so the problem is kids period not just white or black kids

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