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June 14, 2013

Erin Brockovich arrested for alleged DUI

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Erin Brockovich is that famous attorney who was the subject of an Oscar winning film a few years ago.  Her fame put her private life in the public eye, and it wasn’t all god for her. Now, she’s facing  DUI for driving while more than twice beyond the legal limit.  That’s a no-no, even if you are a famous attorney.   We hope it’s not true, but it appears that…

Octomom Allegedly Received Welfare While Earning Over $200,000 Per Year

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“Octomom” Nadya Suleman is the subject of an investigation by authorities after being suspected of welfare fraud.  There was a tip given to the government that she was receiving welfare despite getting over $200,000 in income.   But then again, if you have 14 children as a single mom, is that really enough money for all of them? TMZ reported that authorities are seeking to determine if Suleman actually received…