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Octomom Allegedly Received Welfare While Earning Over $200,000 Per Year

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“Octomom” Nadya Suleman is the subject of an investigation by authorities after being suspected of welfare fraud.  There was a tip given to the government that she was receiving welfare despite getting over $200,000 in income.   But then again, if you have 14 children as a single mom, is that really enough money for all of them?

TMZ reported that authorities are seeking to determine if Suleman actually received welfare benefits while earning all that extra income. Their limit is $119,000 per year, which still seems like quite a bit of money to make while you’re on welfare.   She is reported to have received $60,000 in benefits, including food stamps.  If she’s caught, she could face up to three years in prison.

The feds don’t mess around if they think that you’re stealing their money.  That’s just not something you want to get caught doing.

“She spent most of her savings while she was in Chapman Treatment center, paying for around-the-clock nannies, drivers, security and her treatment program,” her former rep, Gina Rodriguez, told the network at the time. “She does not expect to be on longer than three months.”




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  1. Leave her alone she has 14 kids for goodness sake with no husband! I’m sure people have committed welfare fraud often with no consequence. She obviously needed it and if she goes to jail who the hell will take care of all them kids smh

    • Leave her alone? Then you help pay for her to take care of those kids. I personally don’t think she should get anything. When a person purposely makes the decision to have that many kids without the means to take care of them; then they better ask family/friends for help. Why should I feel obligated to have my tax dollars go to someone so stupid as to have all these kids trying to get a reality show. Well reality has certainly hit her in the face. She should have actually gone to school and got an education with those student loans she was getting, then maybe she might not be in the mess that she alone made. I can’t co-sign stupidity.

      • Would you co-sign if it was two children or three children or one even if she could not afford it?

    • Agree, just make her pay the money back, she does not need to go to jail.

  2. People who hate the idea that their “tax dollars” are going to feed other people’s children are always the same hypocrites who put on their finely feathered hats and go to Church on Sunday, calling themselves “Christ-ians” while being the opposite of everything the Christ actually was a living symbol of: God’s love. Or the same Atheists on their highfalutin’ moral high horse preaching about social justice and the plight of their chosen issue group.

    Besides, you all should take comfort in the fact that more of the money the govt takes from you goes to making war, destroying the planet with depleted uranium and terrorizing civilians with drone strikes than feeding children anyway. So its more likely that your money went to murder than a meal – YAY!!!

    • My question is how does he know his tax dollars were actually spent on her situation? We all pay taxes and that will never change. I would rather those dollars spent feeding American children and not used for war.

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