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July 1, 2013

Eminem Discusses His Drug Addiction in A New Documentary

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By: Madam Prezident Eminem is back on the scene, but its not for rap. He’s actually discussing his former drug addiction. I remember Slim Shady, that was my first introduction to Eminem.  Eminem Discusses His Drug Addiction in A New Documentary. This is a surprise to me because I never knew Eminem had a drug addiction.    Eminem opening up about his serious prescription drug addiction that nearly killed him in a new documentary…

Reports Show That 27 NFL Players Arrested Since Super Bowl

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  By: Madam Prezident It has been horrible offseason for the New England Patriot tight end.  I’m not use to athletes getting locked up for murder. Not since OJ, and by the time he was on trial his football days were completely over. This young man is in a tough situation. I’m not sure if this young man is guilty or innocent because I haven’t kept up with the facts,…

Britain Doctors Can Help You Choose Your Baby’s Physical Traits

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By: Madam Prezident I’m far from a scientist, so I have no clue how doctors get involved with procreation.  Supposedly doctors in Britain are saying they can help you pick all the features of your child. If you want mommy’s eyes, and dad’s nose, they can help you with that. That seems extremely odd, but they are also saying ‘they can help you birth the gender of your choice. No…

Student Loan Interest Rates Will Double on July 1

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By: Madam Prezident College debt is the one thing in America that is getting bigger and bigger. My best friend has a Masters degree, so we can say she has an education debt of about 60,000 that’s just a high estimate. She called me after speaking to Sallie Mae and she was informed that she would be paying her college debt off for the next 25 years or longer, and…

Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To A Baby Boy Named ‘Ace’

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By: Madam Prezident It seems as if it’s the year of baby booming. Kim and Kanye just had their daughter, along with a few other celebrities either being pregnant or giving birth to their bundles of joy as well.  Jessica Simpson gave birth to a beautiful little girl some time ago. Now, Jessica Simpson recently gave birth to a strong baby boy.  Personally, After you give birth to the boy,…