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July 5, 2013

Reality TV Star Gina Marie Loses Her Real Job For Racist ‘N-word’ Comments

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By: Madam Prezident Big Brother contestant Gina Marie has used the N-word and America isn’t happy about it. The beauty queen isn’t so beautiful after using ugly language. The Big Brother star, has been released from the show, her real place of employment and is no-longer viewed as a role model. However, America is has been throwing the N word all over lately. You have Paula, Zimmerman’s case, the other…

Young & The Restless Star Comes Out The Closet

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By: Madam Prezident Young soap opera star Greg Rikaart came out the closet this past weekend while celebrating New York’s Gay Pride. I was told once by my highs school teacher that “the numbers for gays don’t change-people just come out the closet.” Well, I congratulate the young man on his freedom and moment of liberation. We live in a very judgemental society, his courage is appreciated and valued.¬† Rikaart…

James Gandolfini Leaves $70Million To His 13 Year Old Son & Infant Daughter

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By: Madam Prezident The world was sadden when the sopranos star passed away not too long ago. His death took us all by surprise, although many of his fans will miss him on television, his family will miss his physical presence. James Gandolfini left his estate to his 13 year old son and infant daughter. James Gandolfini’s estate was an¬†estimated $70 million. I didn’t follow James’s career, but I would…

Sandboxing UDID content management system

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