Adult Film Company Wants To Hire Paula Deen

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By: Madam Prezident

Can Paula Deen ever recover? Deen was recently on ABC discussing her recent N-Word encounter.  In her interview, she informed the world that she was  dropped from the food network, but she was grateful for her sponsors that have decided to stay by her side.  I guess Paula spoke too soon, Wal-Mart has dropped Mrs. Deen. We all have mixed emotions about this Paula Deen situation. What’s your take on this situation? Do you think Wal-Mart was right for dropping Paula Deen?  This situation seems to be getting stranger every single day. Now Sears and KMart have dropped Paula too. Now an adult film company is offering Paula another avenue to make up for the money she lost with her partners. 

Following her admission that she made racist remarks, companies have been dumping Paula Deen left and right, but there’s at least one that’s eager to offer Deen a new gig.

TMZ reports that a porn company that features older women called PureMature.com sent a letter to Deen offering her a six-figure deal to endorse the site.”Full figured or thin, arthritic or diabetic — you embody our perfect spokesperson,” the company wrote to Deen, adding that she’s a “MILF,” and they are willing to offer her “6 figures for very little work,” since there is no nudity required.





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