Courtney Love Is in Tax Trouble Again

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How does Courtney Love make money exactly?  No one knows.  But people also think that she spends most of that money on her drugs and alcohol.  The poor woman has been a mess for twenty years, and the only thing worse than a mess is an aging, wrinkled mess. 

Courtney owes big money to Uncle Sam, and like a lot of other celebs, she is probably not going to be able to pay it.  But we wish her good luck with that, since her star faded many moons ago. 

Courtney Love is in the hole to Uncle Sam (again) … this time the IRS claims the she-rocker owes over $260,000 in unpaid back taxes … i.e. enough to buy about 26,000 terrible dye jobs.

The IRS filed a tax lien against the “Hole” singer on July 11th, claiming Love still needs to pony up some tax cash from the years 2009 ($3,236.23) and 2011 ($263,624.78).  Grand total = $266,861.01.

It’s not Courtney’s first tax rodeo either … back in 2009 she was slapped with another lien (for unpaid taxes in 2007) … to the tune of $324,335.21. That lien has since been paid.





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