Kevin Hart Sued by Nightclub for Not Showing Up for a Gig

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Comedian Kevin Hart is America’s favorite funny man right now, but with more money come more problems.  Hart’s busy schedule has him stopping from one place to another, usually collecting a check in the process.   But when he wants to do something else, he just does it.

Kevin is being sued by the Cameo Nightclub for not showing up to an event that he was scheduled to attend.  The club owners claim that on the night that Hart was supposed to arrive, he ditched the club and ran off to party with Dwyane Wade and Terrence J.

The manager says that the event was to take place on June 22, but that  Hart went to the Miami Heat championship party at the Dream Nightclub instead.

The club says that they spent $4,680 preparing for Hart’s arrival and that the money was wasted. Their reputation also took a hit, since they promised patrons that Hart was going to be there.  They are suing Keving for a “whopping” $15,000, which Kevin can probably pay in his sleep.

But Kevin has been pretty gracious about the whole thing, rescheduling his appearance at the club.  So, it looks like everything is going to be OK.



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  2. Gee! And Kevin Hart seemed to be on a roll very recently. It was immature and unprofessional to fail to show up. When you hit the big time, you first must consider what the professional thing to do is. In the future, there might be other events that Kevin might want to attend. He should do what he must do, not what he would prefer to do. His image is damaged by unprofessional actions like this. An expensive lesson, but a good one if learned.

  3. a black that dont want to work. no surprise

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