New York Suburban Mom Runs A $3Million Marijuana Business

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By: Madam Prezident 

Well damn! You thought your dime bag was enough? This woman Andrea Sanderlin is out on a 500,000 bail. Allegedly she has a three million dollar Marijuana business. Now, what’s weird is-she’s a suburban mom. People assume that weed and other forms of drugs are only used in urban communities. This case is a true example, that ‘not many black folk have the finances to run a drug empire. ‘

A suburban mother charged with growing thousands of marijuana plants worth millions of dollars was freed on $500,000 bond on Released: Four friends put up the $500,000 bond to release Andrea Sanderlin, the New York mom accused of running a $3million marijuana business, from jail

‘For all I know, she has millions of dollars or she could have a couple hundred dollars,’ Judge Steven M. Gold said at the bail hearing in federal court in Brooklyn. ‘She hasn’t worked, but she’s living in Scarsdale and driving a Mercedes. I can’t add that up.’The judge also complained to Sanderlin’s attorney that four friends who co-signed her bond, including a hair stylist and a hair colorist who said they last saw her at a party six months ago, ‘don’t have a heck of a lot of moral impact on your client. ‘Sanderlin, 45, left the courthouse without speaking to reporters.

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  1. Anyone who looks at the numbers the police put up in consideration to the quantity. There always way over exaggerated. It says they caught her with plants. Three million dollars worth of plants would be probably around 8 to 9 thousand plants. People who don’t grow don’t have a clue. Neither do the police when they come up with an imaginary number. You would need about twenty to thirty thousand dollars to grow that many plants right. You don’t have to be a drug kingpin. That’s some more crap.

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