Woman Killed After Falling From Six Flags Over Texas Roller Coaster

by / July 23, 2013 World News, WTF! 3 Comments

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One can only imagine how mortified a woman’s children were to see their mom fall out of a roller coaster.  The horror took place at a Six Flags park in Texas, and the woman has not yet been identified.  Passengers were screaming hysterically after the woman fell to her death and her children are surely traumatized for life.   Making matters worse is the fact that the woman allegedly told the attendant that she felt uncomfortable before the ride took off, not sure if her seat belt was actually working.

“We heard her screaming. We were, like, ‘Did she just fall?’”  witness Carmen Brown told the Dallas News.

When the woman told the attendant she was worried, he simply “told the woman ‘As long as you heard it click, you’re fine.’ Hers was the only one that went down once, and she didn’t feel safe. But they let her still get on the ride.”

“Just witnessed someone fly off of the Texas giant two seats in front of me,” a witness said on Twitter. “Coaster turned and she was gone.”

In a statement, Six Flags spokesperson Sharon Parker said:

“We are deeply saddened to share that earlier this evening an adult woman died in the park while on the Texas Giant.  Park medical staff and local paramedics responded immediately.  Since the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority, the ride has been closed pending further investigation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time.”




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  1. We shouldn’t speculate, but one thing i will say until all the facts come out is this ! If she didn’t feel safe she should have said something and they would have let her off in to the chicken coop, the good thing is that you are all scared or offended and won’t go to the park, thats a good thing because when I go the lines will be short ! SO thank you for not going anymore !

    The ride operated as should, the green lights gave the ok and the coaster left the station ! Even after the coaster came back into the station the restraint was locked, so therefore the only explanation was she was too fat and fell out !

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