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August 18, 2013

Man is Suing Justin Bieber After He Was Allegedly Kicked

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If you ever go to a concert and get your behind kicked, make sure that you get beat down by a rich guy.  That’s the lesson here, as a man is now able to sue Justin Bieber for going through something that many of us have experienced for free.  Justin probably isn’t too worried about the lawsuit and is ready to pay it off, but if you’re as big as…

Geek Squad Sued After Employee Puts Customer’s Explicit Photos on the Internet

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If you ever put things on your laptop that you don’t want other people to see, be careful about where you go to get it fixed.  A Geek Squad employee created pure chaos when he chose to put someone’s photos online that were private and embarrassing.  A student found out about it and has sued the company for an amount that is probably more than she would have gotten if…

‘Jeopardy’ Takes Prize From 12-Year Old For Misspelling the “Correct” Answer

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If you’re a contestant on the show Jeopardy! should it matter if you misspelled the answer that was essentially correct?  That’s what happened to a poor kid who found out that you can’t answer a question, get the spelling wrong, and still expect to receive full credit.  Apparently, the Emancipation Proclamation can be tough to spell, even for a genius who is on national television because of how smart he…

Star of ‘That ’70s Show’ Dies At The Young Age of 43

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It’s always sad when someone dies at an early age.  Also, when they die with various addictions, it can be even worse.  One of the things we’re taking away from this situation is that drugs and alcohol are always bad, and we should steer our kids away from them as much as we possibly can.  Go talk to your kids about drugs before it’s too late. You don’t want them…

Police Officer Watching Child P0rn In Patrol Car Gets Busted

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by Barry Burch Jr. With so many negative stories about the police, sometimes their responsibility to protect and serve gets lost in a startling blur, and one must consciously ask themselves in every interaction, if they are dealing with a good cop or a bad one. In Greenville, Tennessee, police officer, Herbert Eugene Miller, 44, is facing charges of child p*rnography.  As reported by the Smoking Gun, investigators discovered that Miller had been using the computer…