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August 24, 2013

Bad Move Buddy: Aaron Hernandez Indicted For Murder Of Odin Lloyd

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NFL player Aaron Hernandez is learning the hard way that you can’t do whatever you want just because you’ve got an NFL contract.  The 23-year old player passed up on $40 million in his deal so that he could trade it in for prison wages, at least that’s what prosecutors are saying about the young man.  It’s unfortunate, however, since he could have been so much more.  He’s on trial…

Kentucky theater refuses to show ‘The Butler’ because of Jane Fonda

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When you hear that a theater in Kentucky won’t show “The Butler,” you think that it has something to do with racism.  But this isn’t it.  It’s actually patriotism that is getting the goat of this particular owner.  It’s being reported that they are still remembering what Jane Fonda did over 30 years ago, and refusing to show her film as a result.  It may not be newsworthy, however, since…

Not a Bad Choice: Ben Affleck will play Batman in new movie

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Ben Affleck is a bonafied big shot.  He also gets the chance to take on one of the coolest roles imaginable as the next Bat Man.   Even cooler is that the Man of Steel is also going to be part of the film, which should make it a blockbuster in every way. Warner Brothers is probably working to keep up with Marvel, which threw in the kitchen sink to…