Kentucky theater refuses to show ‘The Butler’ because of Jane Fonda

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When you hear that a theater in Kentucky won’t show “The Butler,” you think that it has something to do with racism.  But this isn’t it.  It’s actually patriotism that is getting the goat of this particular owner.  It’s being reported that they are still remembering what Jane Fonda did over 30 years ago, and refusing to show her film as a result.  It may not be newsworthy, however, since the film was a huge hit at the box office.  That’s even without getting all the theaters in central Kentucky. 

A central Kentucky theater owner is refusing to show the nation’s top movie.

Ike Boutwell, who owns MoviePalace and Showtime Cinemas in Elizabethtown, told The News-Enterprise that people who want to see “The Butler” will have to go elsewhere.

Boutwell says he won’t show the popular flick about a butler who served eight U.S. presidents because it has actress Jane Fonda in it.

He said Fonda’s statements and demonstrations against the Vietnam War caused him to view her as a traitor, and he won’t show any movie involving her in his theaters.

Boutwell is a Korean War veteran who trained pilots during the Vietnam War.

The movie debuted last weekend in the top spot.





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  1. This man was a Vietnam war veteran who has went thru hell and made it home safe and like o many others who served and are still serving our country we dont know what they are going thru or went thru so to tell this man to get over it is an insult. Its true he would make money and line oprahs pocket with more money but evidently standing his ground on the matter is more important. I dont know what jane said but when she said it she wasnt in actress mode she was being jane fonda. Way to go to the owner alot of people wouldnt stand their ground like you and would suffer in silence and show the movie.

  2. Sometimes things aren’t always racist as some people make it out to be. Being a Vet myself and knowing what she did I can understand why the owner would want to boycott the film because of her. What she did put a lot of American service members in danger during that time no matter what her views were about the war.

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