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Bad Move Buddy: Aaron Hernandez Indicted For Murder Of Odin Lloyd

by / August 24, 2013 Crime, World News, WTF! one Comments

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NFL player Aaron Hernandez is learning the hard way that you can’t do whatever you want just because you’ve got an NFL contract.  The 23-year old player passed up on $40 million in his deal so that he could trade it in for prison wages, at least that’s what prosecutors are saying about the young man.  It’s unfortunate, however, since he could have been so much more. 

He’s on trial for murder, and it doesn’t look good for him.  Plus, as soon as he was arrested, the New England Patriots dropped him like a bad habit.  We’ll see where things go from here. 

NFL player Aaron Hernandez was indicted on first degree murder charges for the brutal killing of his friend on Thursday.

The former New England Patriot, 23, is charged with the June 18, 2013 execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player.  Lloyd, who played semi-pro football for the Boston Bandits, was associated with Hernandez through his girlfriend, whose sister is Hernandez’s baby mama.

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to the murder in June and he is being held without bail at the county jail.

He is also in trouble for possibly committing the murder of Lloyd to cover up a double-murder in Boston that occurred nearly a year earlier.





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  1. He’s a professional killer,not a professional football player,so sad,so so sad!!!

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