Hospital Pays $7,500 After Firing Employee Following Discrimination Complaint

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Ogden Medical Center Salt Lake City Utah


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Every day some employee somewhere experiences some form of discrimination. Sometimes it is subtle and other times, it is more overt. In some instances, people will quit or resign depending on the severity of the discrimination. In other cases, people will file official complaints. Official complaints are supposed to provide employees with a safe way to document their grievances.

Unfortunately, some people are retaliated against or scrutinized when they do use the proper channels to express discrimination, especially racial discrimination. Such is the case with a trial that recently took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A federal jury found  that Ogden Regional Medical Center was guilty of retaliating against an employee who was fired following a racism complaint. The employee filed the official grievance and expected his employer to follow-through and comply with federal guidelines about racial discrimination;  instead, he was fired.

Records show that a U.S. District Court jury in Salt Lake City decided on Aug. 2 that Raymond Zisumbo is entitled to $7,500 in compensatory damages from the Ogden Regional Medical Center.

Zisumbo’s attorney, April Hollingsworth, told the press that she will seek an additional $200,000 in back wages for her client.

Although the jurors in the case decided the  hospital intentionally retaliated against the former computer tomography technician, they did not find the hospital guilty of discrimination.

Zisumbo, who  is Hispanic, had a degree and five years of CT experience when he began working at the hospital in 2004. He worked his way up by receiving the proper training, credentials, and continuing education credits that were needed to advance in his field.

He served as interim department head before filing the discrimination complaint when he wasn’t promoted.  Without any explanation or evidence of his inability or failure to preform his duties, he was fired the following month.

Racial discrimination cases can sometimes be difficult to prove, especially when there is no explicit proof. To date, the Ogden Regional Medical Center has not responded to the ruling.



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