Why? Justin Bieber Attacked At A Nightclub In Canada

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Justin Bieber makes more money than any kid should be making in a lifetime.  But there are risks that come with being in the limelight, when your fans sometimes get a little out of control.  Justin saw some of this first-hand, when he was attacked by fans in Canada.  

I bet a big chunk of that $55 million he made last year was spent on security.  Sounds like he’s going to need it. 

Some fans are just too eager.

Justin Bieber had to deal with one such overzealous fan last night at a nightclub in Toronto, Canada, reports TMZ. The website obtained a couple photos that show Bieber with an expression of shock and/or disgust on his face, being moved aside by his security as an unidentified flailing arm tries to reach him.

According to TMZ, around 3 a.m. a male party-goer tried to tackle the Biebs but the crooner’s bodyguards stopped him in his tracks. Bieber was thankfully unharmed.





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