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October 2, 2013

Thousands of Japanese Reportedly Have Radiation Sickness, But Forced to Stay Silent

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The radiation coming from recent spills at the Fukushima plant in Japan have become a threat to the world.  The government is being accused of hiding the truth and not even telling its own citizens about the extent of damage that has been done to public health as a result of the tragedy.  Now, there are reports of thousands of Japanese citizens getting unstoppable nose bleeds and being told that…

Australia Once Had a Government Shutdown in 1975: All of Parliament Was Fired

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the bickering occurring in our federal government, you may want to take a second to note that part of the reason that this dysfunction is allowed to exist is because we are choosing inept individuals to run our country.  We are also seeing that we don’t have the courage to push for the kinds of reform…

Man Catches Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Wading in Water and Dies

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A man has caught a flesh-eating bacteria after while wading in warm water.  Officials say that it’s the warm, not too salty water where the bacteria live.   The man says that after a couple of days out of the water, he noticed what appeared to be a bug bite.  That’s what killed him. They are saying that the bacteria responsible for his death is Vibrio vulnificus.   If you…