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October 8, 2013

How Did a 9-Year-Old Child Pass TSA and Fly to Las Vegas Without A Boarding Pass

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by Barry Burch Jr. Sin City is no place for a child who is all alone, but a 9-year-old may disagree.  He was found last week, traveling there by his lonesome and without a ticket apparently. According to the Transportation Security Administration, somehow the boy was able to make it through security along with all of the other passengers. But the question is how did he do all of that,…

Blackberry Struggles with Financial Crisis: Lays Off 40% of It’s Staff

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, BlackBerry, in a drastic attempt at cutting their costs, is planning another round of cuts to its workforce which may be up to 40 percent of the current team.  The report states that the Canadian mobile device maker is trying to make drastic changes to their operating expenses because their market share has been plummeting. Since BlackBerry employs about 12,700 people,…

600 Pound Woman Overcomes Her Depression by Posing for Male Admirers for Money

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by Barry Burch Jr. Depression can lead to a lot of places.  For one mother-of-three who lost her daughter while in the process of birthing her, it led to her reaching a staggering weight of more than 600 pounds, as well as to her entering the adult entertainment world as an overtly plump pin-up girl. In the vicious cycle that is obesity, Christina Paez snacked her way to becoming bed-bound.  For years she…