Times are Hard: People Now Selling Foodstamps for Cash on Craigslist

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These are still considered desperate times and people are taking desperate measures to put food on the table.  According to recent findings, there are some food stamp recipients who are creating ads on Craigslist to sell their EBT card monetary amounts. These federally-funded grocery assistance coupons are given to recipients by the state as part of the SNAP program. Unfortunately, these debit cards are being sold on sites like Craigslist as well as eBay.

With further investigation ads were easily found on the website. For example, one ad asked if people needed food and assured them that the post was not a “gimmick or a game.” They asked for anyone serious about the deal to contact them.

Another ad said that the person who posted the message had over $500 worth of food stamps, but would sell it to them for $350 in cash. The person went on to explain that the groceries would be tax free and the purchase would save them a lot of money.

More and more people who are desperate for food as well as cash are taking to the online bulletin sites. One poster created an ad to announce that they had a $100 EBT card that they’d be willing to sell on November 1st for $60.

It is clearly stated that Craigslist does not allow items such as EBT cards to be sold. However, with Craigslist high viewership, unless someone flags the post they most likely won’t be able to even see the activity. Critics of the new activity say that sellers most likely don’t need the EBT cards anymore because they found work. The other theory is that sellers want the money to buy luxury items that they can’t normally get with the cards. Either way, the exchange is deemed as fraudulent behavior.



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