Another School Shooting Creates Chaos: Middle School Student Opens Fire on Classmates

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Another school shooting has taken place in the state of Nevada.  A student brought a gun to school and opened fire.  As a result, a teacher was killed and two students were wounded.

The middle school student got the gun from his parents and brought it to Sparks Middle School to create chaos.  The student killed himself after the fact.

It’s not clear what the student’s motives were.

“It’s too early to say whether he was targeting specific people or just going on an indiscriminate shooting spree,” Tom Robinson, deputy chief of the Reno Police Department, told CNN.

We might as well get used to school shootings on a regular basis.  Our politicians don’t seem interested in doing anything about it, so it’s simply going to continue.  Maybe one day, we can stop this terror.  CNN tells more:

The teacher killed was Mike Landsberry, a math teacher and the incident took place in Sparks, Nevada.

Mike Landsberry, a math teacher at the school, was killed in the shooting, Sparks Mayor Geno Martini told CNN.

In addition to his work as a teacher, Landsberry also had served in the military, including several tours in Afghanistan, Martini said.

“It’s very unfortunate that (the life of) someone like that, who protected our country over there and came back alive … had to be taken at his work, at a school,” Martini said. “It’s very devastating.”





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  1. What is even more tragic than the fact that a brave teacher was struck down in this way is that America’s politicians refuse to do anything about this, as CNN so rightly say. RIP

  2. smh..Parents lock your chit up!Pat your kids down, it starts from home.Majority of chit are consider weopns,,,pocket knife silverware,etc.for this kid to kill himself;;;;I AM LOST FOR WORDS! REST IN PEACE.one love…Peace

  3. he was bullied

  4. we are gong to have to lock our schools up like we do our prisons, till we do this s not going to stop

  5. ooops lets try writing this again………….We are going to have to lock up our schools like we do our prisons. until we do these tragic events are not going to stop.

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