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Man Catches Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Wading in Water and Dies


A man has caught a flesh-eating bacteria after while wading in warm water.  Officials say that it’s the warm, not too salty water where the bacteria live.   The man says that after a couple of days out of the water, he noticed what appeared to be a bug bite.  That’s what killed him.

They are saying that the bacteria responsible for his death is Vibrio vulnificus.   If you have diseases like cancer or liver disease, your mortality rate is 50%.

“It’s not that serious” for people who are generally healthy, said Heidar Heshmati, Brevard County health director, about an infection contracted through an open wound. “But you will have a huge infection in the skin and you will be treated for that.”

Two Brevard County men — a 62-year-old from Rockledge, Fla., and a 74-year-old from Melbourne, Fla. — have recovered from the potentially fatal bacteria that infected their skin after they went fishing in Indian River Lagoon. Twenty-seven cases of the infection have been reported to the Florida Department of Health this year.

Brevard County generally has one to four cases each year, Heshmati said.

About half of infected wounds require surgical removal of damaged tissue or amputation.

The bacteria is much more serious when ingested. Eating a single contaminated oyster can kill.

Florida averages 50 cases, 45 hospitalizations and 16 deaths annually, most in the Gulf Coast region, according to the state Department of Health. Across the country, about 95 cases, 85 hospitalizations and 35 deaths occur.

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  1. Wow! I remember as a little girl swimming in a creek, there was a falls down below my grandparents home and the falls fed the creek although you could swim at the falls, nothing like this back then was ever heard of and I remember swimming with my little friends in the various ponds on the farms and no one ever got this! Wonder if this has to do with what we are emptying into our water these days.

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