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November 12, 2013

North Korea Reportedly Executed Dozens of People for Watching Foreign Movies

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It is said that the regime in North Korea is so oppressive that they expect the citizens to worship their leaders as gods.  Christianity is certainly outlawed there and most outside influence is kept out of the country.  A story from the UK Telegraph might add some merit to the fear that people have of the country.  It is being reported that there were a series of public executions of…

Yet Another Typhoon is Expected to Hit the Already Traumatized Philippines

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Pray for the people in the Philippines.  This has been a terrible storm season for the region.  It appears that even as they recover from a prior storm of amazing magnitude, there is another one on the way.  Fortunately, there are those who are willing to help.  The United Nations is stepping in as 10,000 people are believed to be dead from the prior storm.  Such a tragedy and very,…

How Many People Have Signed Up for Obamacare? Less than 50,000

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President Obama needs to do serious damage control on his Obamacare website debacle.  The nation has over 300 million people, and just 50,000 of them have signed up for the program, at least on the government website.  This is in comparison to the millions they’d expected to have by now.  How could things have gone this wrong?  This might be one of the biggest embarrassments of his presidency.  What do…

Man Hammers Testιcles to the Ground in Protest of Russia’s “Police State”

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by Barry Burch Jr. You only live once, and for one man before it’s all over he’d like to be able to mean when he says that he “is trying to stay grounded” what virtually no one else does. Let me explain. A man has been arrested for taking off all of his clothes and nailing his testιcles to the ground.  He did this during the middle of the day; in…